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Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett at Elizabeth Taylor’s house, 1983.  Rock’s driver Marty Flaherty recalls:

We were fast getting buzzed.  Rock and his friends were always a good time; we were all laughing hysterically, partying hard.  In the midst of a deep, hard laughter, Elizabeth Taylor fluffed.  She let a little ripper.  It was a precious little “toot”.  But that was all it took.  Carol, tried to match Taylor’s “toot” with her own.  She gracefully succeeded.  Rock wasn’t about to let a set of dames beat him in what was unquestionably a man’s game.  So he growled, grunted, tightened up and let out a howler.  The four of us were all laughing so hard we couldn’t breath and that deep belly-laughter led to severe stomach cramps.  Which only led to more “tooting.”   After the excitement, Rock decided he wanted to tell a story from a long time ago. This is his story:

"It was when I was younger, one of my earlier films.  I was at the studio, on a large shoot, and all day long I had the worst gas ever but I held it in…I had to, as the set was filed with crew and so many extras I just couldn’t find a safe place to fluff. When the director yelled wrap, it couldn’t have come too soon.  I left the set, pinching my butt cheeks together while briskly hurrying to get to my car." 

At this point Elizabeth was laughing so hard she slid off the couch and onto the floor.  That didn’t stop Rock.

"I got into my car and found I couldn’t let it go right there as the other cast members and crew were walking by…coming to my window, shaking my hand…saying their goodbyes on the way to their cars.  I had to drive to another part of the lot quickly, still tightly pinching my butt, afraid I wasn’t going to be able to hold it in.  Driving like a maniac, I got to what I thought was a safe place on the other side of the lot.  Then I did it…I let out at least a thirty-seconder!!  I felt my belt loosen, the air inside me leaving, flattening out my stomach."  By this time we were all on the floor with Elizabeth yelling ‘No more! No more!’  Still, Rock showed no mercy, setting us up for the punch.  "After letting it all out, I heard a sound from behind me, inside my car…" It was like being on a camp-out, with Rock telling a scary story around a campfire.  He looked at each of at a time..right in the eyes.  Rock continued after that dramatic pause.  "Unbeknownst to me, a starlet fan had snuck into my car and was hiding on the floor in the back seat."  He again paused, scarcely able to stop from smiling himself.  "This girl opened the back door…jumped out…and declared, ‘I’ll never do that again!’  Rock concluded by telling us his face grew ‘red as a beet’ as he watched the girl walk away fading into the blackness of the unlit lot. 

We continued rolling around on the floor in hysterics.  Sitting next to my backpack, I suddenly remembered that I had my new Kodak 110 film camera.  While Carol and Elizabeth were climbing back (in as lady-like a manner as they could muster) up onto the couches, I grabbed it and shot these photographs.

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We’re just very lucky to have Gaia”




Emma and Pierce at the Love Punch premiere


These people are so lucky !! :33 :*



These people are so lucky !! :33 :*


Emma and Dustin are too adorable together! <3 Love the comment about Dustin saying how good Emma is in bed.

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